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Welcome to the Andover Libraries

The Andover Public Library is open again!

The Andover Public Library has reopened as of 5/20/23. Thank you for your patience as we underwent radon remediation. Our levels are now at zero and the library is safe to visit once more. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the remediation project and thank you to the Bachelder Library for hosting us these last few months!

Reading in Library

About Our Libraries

The Andover Libraries consist of Andover Public Library in Andover and W.A. Bachelder Library in East Andover


Michaela Hoover

Andover Public Library Director

This is Michaela's first year as the director of the Andover Public Library. She is an Andover native who enjoys reading many genres of books, particularly fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery.


Lee Wells

William A. Bachelder Library Director

Lee Wells has been the director of the Bachelder Library for 4 years. She has had a home in East Andover since 1989. She loves to read all sorts of books, but her favorites tend to be historical fiction and mysteries.


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